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All you need to know FAQ

Fill our our returns form here and view our returns page where our returns policy is fully explained.

We are happy to swap sizes or exchange items if possible as long as it is the same product. We do not hold items waiting for returns so it’s best to repurchase the size you desire and return the other as per our terms and conditions. If a size swap is requested we are happy to do this if the size is available so please contact customer care via out online form or email at

We are sometimes able to combine shipping if the items are available at the same time. We do not hold items to combine shipping to avoid any issues with the packing and inventory.

There is always an estimated date of delivery published in the product description if it is a pre sale item. At the time of release to the best of our knowledge we firmly believe these dates to be accurate but often through the nature of our production, hand made, ethical clothing issues arise. We will never place a deadline or penalties on our producers but prefer to work with them to resolve the issues as quickly as we can.

As all of our pieces are hand made individually one after another (not massed produced), our shipping process is an on going one. The no pre sale tag means this style is currently shipping and will continue as each piece arrives to us.

We do not re make the same piece ever. We only do limited quantities to provide each customer with a unique fashion experience.

If feel your garment is faulty we require you to return the piece to us for our assessment. After the garment has been assessed we will be in touch with a solution either with a replacement or repaired piece. Please contact us via our online form or email for any further information.

We do not back date or extend any discount codes or sales out of fairness to all of our customers and it is important that we remain consistent with our terms and conditions.

All measurements are available in the product description and if you have any further questions please contact our customer service as we would love to help.
We also have an alterations service available for purchase. Please contact our customer service with your alteration request and we will be able to advise you there.