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While fashion labels are doing their bit to ensure more sustainable production, the fashion industry as a whole is the 3rd worst industry for environmental impact.  Given this, as an environmentalist, the only way that I can justify going into the fashion business, is by advocating conscious, considered and moderate consumption. I believe the best thing a consumer can do is to buy fewer pieces that they feel are truly special and intend to keep and wear for a long time. This is central to the Ethos of the brand.


The reason I have included vintage into Chasing Unicorns, is because it is the epitome on the above concept. I have dresses that are 100 years old, hand made with the most incredible skill, and I have owned and worn them for 25 years and will keep them for my daughter. During the time I've had these dresses, I could have bought 100s of cheaper, un-extraordinary, quick fix dresses that would all be in the tip by now, but instead I kept putting on my Edwardian beauty. I always feel unique, beautiful and true to myself when I wear my vintage. They aren't trend based or even practical at times but they have a magic that no mass produced garment could ever have.


I know that I can't make pieces the way they were made 100 years ago, but I have endeavoured to make my pieces fall into this keepsake category through exclusively using natural fabrics for base cloths that wear better and last longer, sewing techniques that stand the test of time, cuts and fits that are carefully considered for maximum wear, embellishments that make each piece something special and will make the owner want to hold on to it. I have a limited-edition production philosophy to ensure that the pieces I make will never be ubiquitous but will remain "special" with their artisan hand finishes and limited numbers.


As for Chasing Unicorn's production "ethics" - I work directly with two families and one tiny "factory" - which is not actually a factory but a tiny operation that oversees pieces being made through "home industry". This is the outsourcing of work to mothers and grandmothers who made the pieces in their homes while tending the house, caring for their children and chatting with their friends. - I speak to the people making my clothes directly almost every day. Mutual respect, honesty, happiness and financial viability for all involved is the crux of our relationship. Each of my three sources have specialty niches and each make the portion of my collection that are tailored to their skills and expertise. I am making very limited runs of each style so each garment has a tremendous amount of human energy put into it. I am using only 100% cotton and 100% silk base cloth fabrics, simply because they wear better, last longer, are true to the vintage styles that I'm inspired by, and have less chemicals involved in their production than man made fabrics.


Sarah Humphrey
{ Designer & Owner }