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If you are so very fortunate, there will be a tiny number of times in your life that you will lay eyes on something so extraordinarily beautiful that it will make your heart sing, your eyes wide with wonder and your soul radiate with the reality of dreams coming true. It is with this sentiment in mind that we offer to you our most fantastical, magical and out of this world creation the Chasing Unicorns “QUEEN OF HEARTS” dream coat

This is no ordinary coat, it is a piece that transcends style, trends and decades. This is a coat that is made to last and be treasured for not only your lifetime but for many that follow, an ultimate keepsake, teller of stories, holder of history, whisperer of dreams. 

At Chasing Unicorns we often speak of the intrinsic and remarkable power that incredible clothing possesses. This ability to transform, install courage and cloak a woman in a world of dreamy wonder is an exceptional and of so important quality,  and one that we strive to create in every Chasing Unicorns piece. The “QUEEN OF HEARTS” coat is the master of this concept, designed to make the wearer feel divine, phenomenal and goddess-like each and every time that luxurious silk crepe is draped upon their shoulders. 


They say all great things are worth waiting for and this truly is the case with this most exceptional coat.
Taking our artisans up to two months to hand bead, embroidery and sequin this tiny, exclusive handful of coats,
each one as unique as the hands of the artisan that wove their magic upon it. 

This piece is statement-making, delicate and a true embodiment of 70’s high glamour, think rooftop lounging Talitha Getty
and studio 54 queen Bianca Jagger. The “QUEEN OF HEARTS” coat has been designed with everyday wear in mind
and can be worn a myriad of different ways to ensure that you get to show this spectacular piece off each and every
chance you get! Whether you layer it, duster like over a sleek black one piece for poolside chic, with the option of a pair
of higher waisted linen pants for adding to the outfit as the sunsets and the cocktails beckon or belted as an ever so chic
dress that is absolutely perfect for all those upcoming Christmas soirees you are certain to not only look magnificent but feel it too. 


We try at Chasing Unicorns to not play favourites…but with this coat, it is hard not to fall head over heels in love.
The "QUEEN OF HEARTS" coat is by far the most extravagant piece Sarah has ever designed and made,
a true ode to the Chasing Unicorns ideals of producing extraordinary pieces in tiny quantities that are set to
become tomorrows most treasured vintage keepsakes.  
We invite you to come and dream with us...

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