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Here at Chasing Unicorns we have always had a penchant for a little western styling, think Carole Lombard at home on the ranch with Clark Gable all gowns, vintage cowboy boots and neck scarves.  This styling aesthetic combines oh so magically with our pieces to create a gorgeous look that is part rock and roll and part country belle, a most perfect and ever so dreamy match! 

Western styling holds its origins way back in the cowboy golden age of the 1800s, this look has evolved over time from its practical form of dress to include more formal, fancy additions and elaborate styles. In the modern fashion world, it is currently the craze de jour with everyone from Isabel Marant, Chloe and Nicholas Ghesquiere debuting runaways awash with prairie dresses, bolo ties, fringed leather, crease hats and classic all American cowboy boots. It seems the Western plains are fashions favourite frontier for inspiration and we couldn’t be more delighted!

For us, there lies a soft romanticism within the western look, billowy cotton gauze gowns in the prettiest of pastels paired with cowboy boots and belted with a vintage scarf make for a style statement that is not only wearable and chic but ever so beautiful. It's a styling aesthetic that lends itself to the realities of day to life just as well as it does to dancing all day at a festival or drinking champagne with your girlfriends. 

For an edgier look and because our love affair with rock and roll vibes runs deep within the Chasing unicorns veins, why not add denim cutoffs paired with embroidered jackets and band tees, 70’s inspired dresses, vintage turquoise jewels and tousled hair into the mix for a look that is sure to make a statement. 

For women this trend allows us to indulge in those billowy dresses and gowns that make us feel extraordinarily beautiful inside and out. It is a styling aesthetic that can easily take you from day to night, from flower paddock to bar all with a few simple and gorgeous changes of accessories. Silky embellished dresses can be styled up with vintage buckled belts, brimmed western hats and some killer boots for a look that is ready for anything!

For us, the versatility of Western styling is something that we adore, it is translatable to a pair of overalls just as much as it is a gown, and the results are always breathtaking and instantly covetable. It is a look that is strong yet romantically pretty, current and on trend yet steeped with the nostalgia of eras long past and most of all it is a look that is ever so easy to achieve yet gorgeously chic. 

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