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At Chasing Unicorns we advocate connection, whether it be between women, mothers, the community or self. We are for gathering and sharing and the many unexpected yet ever so easy friendships that blossom along the way. Chasing Unicorns founder Sarah and model, mother and all round sublime human being Helena Vestergaard are two such friends who have fostered a friendship built on shared passions and beliefs. For a little more of this story, Sarah has shared with us the history of her and Helena’s friendship as well as a personal interview with this inspiring and oh so wonderful woman for you to enjoy.

Walking on Sunshine Maxi Dress


I first met Helena about 3 years ago when my friends from Spell were doing a shoot at my property and brought her out to my place as the model. I fell instantly in love with her! Not just because she is stunningly beautiful but because she has the most wonderful energy. She is very self-composed and self-contained but when she says something it’s thoughtful and opinionated. There is no doubt that she knows exactly who she is and what her priorities are. We clicked over a love of animals, love of vintage, love of family and love of living simply. We’ve stayed in touch since that day and I’ve been lucky enough to get her into my clothes numerous times since then and to grab a catch up whenever she’s here. I send her girl, River all of Coda's out-grown vintage and we laugh about how stained + well-worn trumps generic chain store any day...... Sarah xx

Stairway to Heaven Dress

Could you describe yourself in one sentence?

Refined yet totally undefined How do you balance modelling and motherhood? My baby girl is lucky enough to have an amazing father who loves looking after her!

Meet Me in the Morning Dress

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I'm just a better person overall, I feel complete…almost, maybe 1 or 2 more kids then I’ll be perfect :)

Chasing Unicorns Walking On Sunshine Dress

Tell us a little about your day to day life at the moment?

Mornings consist of coffee, play time, ocean swims then whatever the day brings from there on whilst trying to stick to Rivers sleep routine. Then we wind down in the evenings with yoga, walk up to the headland with the dogs, red wine, homemade dinner and then we all try to get some sleep.

Stairway to Heaven Dress

What's been your biggest life lesson?

Definitely having River. Nothing can teach you patience and responsibility like a baby.

Meet Me in the Morning Dress Chasing Unicorns

Where's your favourite place in the world?


Stairway to Heaven Dress Salmon

How did motherhood impact your career?

For the better! I am super picky with anything I do now as my time is so precious with my daughter.

Helena Vestergaard for Chasing Unicorns

What core values do you want to teach River?

Respect for the ocean, nature, animals and of course herself.

Helena wears Chasing Unicorns Stairway to Heaven dress

You feel most beautiful when?

I’ve had more than 4 hours of broken sleep! ;)

What do you believe in?


Helena Vestergaard and River

When you get a quiet moment, what do you like to do the most?

Read, I am obsessed with crime fiction novels.


Helena Wears:

Meet Me In The Morning Dress

Walking on Sunshine Maxi in Marigold

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