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Entrepreneur, creative, restauranter, style maven, wife and Mumma are just a few of the chic hats that beautiful Hawaiian based Dixie Rose wears on a daily basis. This extraordinary woman is not only a mother of two beautiful babes but is also one of the trio (the others being her husband and sister) behind the fabulous Honolulu cafe ARVO. At Chasing Unicorns we are forever inspired by women who aren’t afraid to strive for their dreams, give graciously and kindly to their community and fill the world with positive vibes….and great coffee all whilst wearing a phenomenal dress. Dixie Rose personifies all these wonderful attributes and we are beyond excited to share with you a chat we had with this truly magnificent woman on all things Island life, motherhood, ARVO, style and so much more!

How would you describe yourself?

Caring, Fun, Free Spirit. You and your beautiful family live on Oahu, Hawaii, tell us a little about island life, the good, the bad and the surprising!? Hawaii is a dream. It's summer all year long and there's a big sense of "ohana" and community so everyone helps everyone. It's also not pretentious and nobody cares what car you drive or how many houses you own. However, I do find myself always needing to travel as life can get stagnant and slow. Seasons bring a fresh perspective and change and change is good for the soul and also a chance to wear your cute winter knits!

You’re a mum and businesswoman – what does an average day look like in your world?

I take Phe to school and if we have time we go to ARVO and have a quick coffee and brekky and say hi to the team we live across the road so it's convenient. Then I'll come back with Roro, say hi to all the regulars and see what work needs to be done and there is ALWAYS something unexpected- Cafes are hard work! Work on our marketing and social content, and then back to emails and then in the afternoon we can hit the beach before picking Phe up. Then its homework and figuring out what to do for dinner, maybe try fit a happy hour in there!

You work closely in business with your husband. What is the key to maintaining a happy partnership when you’re busy?

We are honestly still trying to find the balance and it's hard when there is SO much going on and the dynamic is changing as the business grows. We have learned COMMUNICATION IS KEY...You almost have to OVER communicate. Establish roles early on and share your vision a hundred per cent. He travels for work a lot so some time apart is always healthy too.

Tell us about ARVO- what inspired you to open a cafe on Oahu and what are the principles behind it?

It was so simple- and fate. The thing we missed most apart from family in Aus was the cafes! The cafe lifestyle. We knew if we couldn't find it we had to create it ourselves. We work hard to stay creative, and provide the island with GOOD coffee and GOOD food that nourishes you! We don't cut corners and our staff all embody the arvo dream. When Aussies come to visit and tell us," it's just like home" we know we've done a good job.

What are your thoughts on achieving a work-life balance?

I don't have it. I am still learning from other women around me. The key for me I know it is to get over jet lag as fast as you can even if it means you have to run on 2-hours sleep the first day. I've also learned to become a morning person and to just shut off and try to go to sleep early. I love the zombie mom working hours but I function much better with sleep.

What has been your most challenging motherhood moment so far?

It's all pretty challenging, the sleepless nights, the mastitis and right now- being an emotional wreck being away from my daughter trying to wean her off, sore and so hormonal. So unexpectedly hard and I know other women can relate.

What are the values and passions that you would most like to pass onto your kids?

Kindness and to dream BIG.

Living on Oahu the ocean must play a big part in your lives?

The ocean is our happiest place and natures best playground. Have a bad day? Go dunk yourself in the sea you feel a thousand times better. It is also the best way to tire out the kids. We are lucky we are so close.

You have such a sensational sense of aesthetic and style both personally and in your business; who or what across any medium influences you?

Thank you! I've always loved fashion and attracted to colour and textile. Girls on the streets inspire me, old architecture, flowers, my friend Hadley's paintings.

What is your go-to outfit?

A boho dress and some sunnies or a hat.

What makes you feel beautiful?

A good dunk in the ocean.

Favourite thing to do when you get a moment to yourself?

A bath.

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