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There are very few moments in this modern, machine-made, cookie cutter world where we are presented with something so honest, beautiful and artisan in its making that it truly takes our breath away. We at Chasing Unicorns were fortunate enough to experience one of these breathtaking moments for ourselves when our most incredible “Holidays in the Sun” dress arrived at the office a little time ago. Whilst unpacking the parcel full of all the expected anticipation and excitement of another magnificent Chasing Unicorns piece our eyes, hands, and hearts were captivated and our breath was taken swiftly away by the most enchanting treasure we unearthed within. This dreamy dress with its couture-like hand rolled cotton seams and intricate art deco inspired hand embroidery is nothing short of extraordinary.

Holidays in the Sun Dress

In this day and age, it seems we have become complacent with fast-paced, manufactured, machine quality and the true honest magic of these artisan skills from decades past is unexpected and often long forgotten. For us at Chasing Unicorns the importance of these artisan elements in our garments is paramount not only to our ethos but to our hearts. Our “Holidays in the Sun” dress showcases so dreamily how each carefully considered stitch is filled with not only the beauty of creativity but the intrinsic knowledge of generations of artisan skill, technique, and soul all of which is woven deep within each hand finished garment one embroidery stroke at a time by hands that upkeep the techniques of the yesteryears.

 At Chasing Unicorns we believe in slowing things down, that great things take time. We believe in uniqueness, in the power of the artisan, and in creating garments with age-old techniques that are not only breathtakingly beautiful today but will remain so forever. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to these most exquisite details at Chasing Unicorns so that we can take your breath away each and every time, always.

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