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For Chasing Unicorns founder Sarah Humphrey vintage fashion has always been an integral part of her life and in many ways, vintage was a first true love. Ignited from the moment her mum handed down to her a vintage turquoise cuff she was head over heels and continued from that day forwards to build, collect and store what would over time become a most incredible collection of history that is as relevant, exquisite and wearable today as it was way back when.
Sarah Humphrey
Sarah Humphrey Vintage
Riding the nostalgic highway since she was able to dress herself, Sarah became enamoured with the intrinsic beauty, magic, and timelessness of these incredible pieces from decades past. Realising many years on that society's current obsession with fast-paced, one-night-stand fashion would result in a future that lacked in the longevity, significance and true romance of vintage items Sarah knew something had to be done so that the women of the future, her daughter included, could also inherit not only keepsake garments but the fabric and stories of time, thus Chasing Unicorns was born.
Sarah Humphrey
Sarah Humphrey
Investing in these exquisite, forever pieces is the ultimate form of self love, something we advocate for highly here at Chasing Unicorns. Not only are you investing in an amazing garment that you are sure to adore for decades to come but you are ultimately devoting your heart and soul to a piece that makes you feel incredible, powerful, confident and most importantly loved by your true self regardless of the day, occasion or moment in time and this is the true magic of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows vintage.
In a world of chaos and cookie cutter, we at Chasing Unicorns believe in the power of the genuine, the beautiful and the timeless. We stand for considered fashion that will become coveted and sentimental pieces intended to be passed down from mother to daughter, from one sibling to the next and then onto your children's children…a gift filled with love that they are sure to feel. Sarah's lifelong love affair with Vintage fashion began with that single cuff all those years ago and awoke in her a conscious awareness of the power that investment pieces have as the ultimate form of self love, something we should all gift ourselves each and everyday.
Chasing Unicorns

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