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Denim has long been the universal language of the fashion world in its myriad of differing styles, cuts, colours and finishes it’s the one classic staple that clearly defines each decade past. From the super-flares of the 60’s, the bootcut and mini skirt of the 90s to the ultra-tight skinny leg of the millennia it is denim that transcends time, style and era to remain a true relevant staple in wardrobes the world over.


It is no secret that we at Chasing Unicorns have a strong affinity with all things 70’s and the denim styles of our favourite era are what tequila is to a margarita…essential and oh so vital in shaping the essence and ever so cool vibes that personify this decade and in turn the present.


The 70’s saw denim predominate and the era was awash with high waisted denim flares and fitted denim overalls both long and short, the long always flared in style and the short always just that little bit cheeky. If there was any decade that did denim to the max it was the 70’s and the results were glorious which is perhaps why 70’s inspired denim is having a much due revival – although to us, the designs of the 70’s will always be major and close to our hearts.


The high wasted denim flare of the 70’s was a much cleaner and leaner cut than the oversized flare of the 60’s, the waist went sky high between the two decades and the denim itself came in a wide array of washes from dark to light and everywhere in between with patches, embellishment and embroidery being the choice de jour. The 70s saw photographer Sam Haskins shoot the infamous embroidered and embellished Levis campaign giving us some of the most iconic and sought-after denim and imagery of the era….and much inspiration for the future.


The flare is as perfect for 70’s styling as it is for everyday wear, whether teamed back with a vintage tee, delicate blouse or chunky knit for those colder days. Make a serious 70’s statement by styling your flares with a pair of woodblock platforms, vintage headscarf and some oversized glasses, or perhaps take your cues from the present and team your flares with a neutrally toned top and some well-worn converse. With flares, you can even add some high wattage glam with a super high heel, delicate cami and stack of bracelets for a look that is sure to take you anywhere and everywhere!


Another denim staple of the 70’s was the overall, preferably worn barefoot or with super high platforms. The overall embraced all things 70’s in spirit with its fitted but comfortable silhouette and flared leg. Long or short, pockets, embroidery and denim wash were entirely personal, it really is no surprise the overall became the iconic classic of 1970’s street style.

It seems fashions love affair with the overall has been reignited and it is fast becoming a much-coveted item in every woman's wardrobe once again. The overall is ideal for everyday wear, whether it's for early morning beach romps paired with nothing but bare feet a bikini and a killer smile, or teamed with a breathtaking vintage blouse and platforms for lunch with those you love; there is nothing you cant conquer in a pair of 70’s inspired overalls!

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